This is a short post announcing ember-metrics-simple-analytics, an ember-metrics adapter for Simple Analytics. Simple Analytics is a privacy-orientated analytics provider that I’ve been using since they started for all my websites and apps.

ember-metrics adds a small straightforward to use metrics service to your Ember.js app and allows you to integrate with multiple analytics providers without having to learn and implement a new API for each different analytics provider you want to use. ember-metrics-simple-analytics is an adapter for ember-metrics that lets you easily integrate Simple Analytics with your Ember.js app.

Before using Simple Analytics I used Google Analytics, it was free, I already had Google accounts and had experience using Google Analytics. By removing it from this blog I reduced the amount of data Google can collect about people visiting this site and others I run. Google collects vast amounts of data across websites and devices. By using an alternative analytics provider I’m helping protect the privacy of my users. Simple Analytics is GDPR compliant and also doesn’t use cookies so no cookie banners!

If your looking for a privacy-first analytics provider please give Simple Analytics a try and if you’re integrating it with an Ember.js app then you can do so simply with ember-metrics-simple-analytics.